What do I need to show?

  • To participate in our ARHA sanctioned shows, ARHA membership for both the exhibitor and horse owner are required and showing horses require a certificate of eligibility.  These applications can be completed in the show office with an additional at show fee ($10/form, payable to ARHA).  We highly recommend that you save a little money and submit your applications before the show.  This can be easily done online via the ARHA link below.
  • If you are traveling from out of state to ANY of our shows, a current health certificate will be required and must be dated within 30 days of the show.  You can present your certificate to the show office, email to us or upload via the document submission link in our exhibitor portal.
  • A current negative coggins report, dated within 1 year of show date, is required.  You can present these at the show office, email to us or upload via the document submission link on our exhibitor portal page.  If you show with more than one of our partner charters, your records will be kept on file throughout the show year and will only need to be submitted once.
  • In general, charter memberships are not required to show but are required for weekend and year end award eligibility as well as for certain show fee discounts.

What form of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash or checks but will happily accept credit card payments with a small processing fee.

When do you accept pre-entries and stall reservations?

Generally we will start accepting submissions 1 month before the show.  

What if I find an error in the results?

If you find a scoring error during a show, we can address it at that time.  Please bring the discrepancy to the show office and we will review and confer with the judge.  Scoring and placing errors after the show can not be fixed.  We will promptly place results either in a binder outside the show office or online throughout the show. 

Where can I find specific show information such as patterns?

Our partner charters will post this information on their website and social media pages.  Links to charter pages are below. 


Partner Links:

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